Frequently Asked Questions

Just the FAQ’s, Ma’am



We play pickup goaltimate all the time, what’s the difference between that and the league?

Pickup goaltimate, just like pickup anything, does not lend itself well to a player learning the nuances of the game. It also does not create situations that allow for players and teams to implement and experiment with strategies.

Why does it cost money to play in the league?

The money, which is a nominal amount, serves three purposes for the league. First and foremost, it will go toward renting turf fields for league days. Secondly, it will be put toward purchasing new and maintaining old goaltimate sets for league play. Most importantly, though, it is symbolic of a league player’s commitment to attending the league nights of the cycle.

What if four of my teammates don’t show up on the same night?

Part of the SGL draft will be weighted toward balancing out players who have indicated they will be missing a session in advance. Ultimately, though, it is the responsibility of the captain of a team to ensure that his/her team will have enough players on any given league night.

A team that does not have enough personnel to play out a round or league night may elect to play a man down for the round(s) or forfeit the round. It is highly encouraged in the case of a forfeiture that the remaining players mix with their opponent in order to have games during a round. However, scores from games during a forfeited round will not be recorded and are only for the benefit of those involved.

My team really sucks and we haven’t won a league game yet. Can we switch up the personnel?

Every effort will be made during the draft to balance each team’s experience/skill level. No team should be without the ability to win a few games against the other competition. However, in extreme cases (i.e. one or more veteran / key players injures themselves) the commissioner reserves the right to fix personnel issues by adding or moving players from within or without the league.

In the event of a catastrophe, it is possible that a player can find a substitute for him/herself if:

  • The commissioner is notified in advance and approves of the substitution.
  • The substitute is of lesser or equal skill / experience to the player he / she is replacing. (NO RINGERS)

Can I wear cleats at the turf field?

Yes, absolutely.

How many games will I get per night?

The schedule will be entirely dependent on total number of registrants. Each team will get multiple timed games per night. Previous leagues have seen 5 or 6 12-minute games per night, but again, we will not know the final schedule until end of registration.